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          Automation industry exhibition in Dachang

          Look forward to the industry of machinery industry exhibition annual event - 2016 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition, August 31 to September 3, in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on the fourth floor of the grand exhibition.

          The show's domestic and foreign heavyweight manufacturers gathered at home and abroad, 400 manufacturers, more than 1300 booths, the exhibition scale new heights.

          Exhibition Zhao company sponsored the exhibition this year entered the 29 years, from the exhibition scale, professional degree, and complete brand degree, the exhibition has become the home of the oldest Machinery Exhibition.

          Rooted in the automation industry, covering areas from traditional industries to the electronics industry, automation industry exhibition this year to meet the industrial 4.0 times, intelligent manufacturing thinking evolved "as the main theme of the exhibition, exhibition project includes industrial 4.0 equipment / technology / solve scheme, industrial robot machine arm, automation control equipment, transmission control equipment, hardware tools and workshop equipment, special machine and testing equipment such as multiple projects.

          This display industrial 4.0 highlight industrial robot / mechanical arm, global international manufacturers are involved in the current event, including ABB abb, KUKA, Taiwan Yaskawa, century trade, Epson Taiwan, Taiwan Mitsubishi Electric, Delta Electronics, Taiwan electric heald, Fuji more, Kawasaki heavy industry, To Yudachi, mirle, Youshi, Solomon, and Chun, Shi Tao bill, and universal robots such as, brand gathered, called for strong, definitely worth a look.

          Automatic control equipment on display content to industrial computer, human computer interface, PLC, all kinds of motor / variable speed reducer, sensor, automatic control components and applications for the main shaft. In addition, the organizers of this year's special cooperation with the German economic office, the establishment of the automation of the German Pavilion, to add to the show can be seen.

          The exhibition 1F held the same schedule of Mold Exhibition and logistics exhibition, a total of more than 900 manufacturers, 2500 stalls. Exhibition and with professional trends seminar, manufacturers of new products will be published and other related activities, the relevant exhibition messages can be online inquiries.

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