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          Construction machinery manufacturing enterprises

          Nowadays, engineering machinery manufacturing industry after decades of steady development, showing a vigorous, the economies of scale has become the economy industry an important pillar industry. Following, construction machinery parts also got the development, engineering machinery parts manufacturers have to seize this opportunity, expand the scale, rectify the market, so as to achieve greater development.

          However, in the face of such a big competition, how to do the front end of the industry, this problem is worth our thinking. In fact, in the final analysis, no matter what kind of product can do the "precision" is bound to be popular with the public. Thus it can be seen that the development of precision machinery industry is the pace of the development of the industry;

          工程机械 经济
            Also precision machinery manufacturing mainly has two major areas of precision and ultra precision machining technology and manufacturing automation, the former in pursuit of machining precision and surface quality of the limit; the latter includes the automation of product design, manufacture and management. China Construction machinery industry over the past ten years of gold, has been developed for the construction machinery industry manufacturing power, a number of enterprises in the overseas market to occupy a place, China's leading enterprises have mergers and acquisitions of overseas well-known enterprises. Since 2012, construction machinery parts will become the focus of development.

          So if the machinery manufacturing enterprises can not focus on the development of precision machinery, it will certainly heteronomy. The key components of construction machinery are the foundation, support and restriction bottleneck of the development of the engineering machinery manufacturing products. Master the field of construction machinery, only to solve the key parts of the production, the enterprise will have the core competitiveness.

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